Key Factors Every Restaurant Owner Must Do to Prevent Kitchen Exhaust Fires

by Mackapa 

Restaurant owners may be playing with fire using quick or unapproved cleaning processes that lack the tools, training, and skills to clean commercial kitchen exhaust systems following established regulations by not being followed due to their merit. Neglecting. A poorly cleaned exhaust system can turn your restaurant kitchen into a fire trap.


The problem for restaurants is managing impulse. People who come to restaurants often get hungry and want to have a seat right away, or they will come up with some immediate plans after eating in the restaurant. It can be either a business meeting or a personal business. So, with this busy schedule, if they are asked to wait to be seated, many of them lose their patience and search for restaurants nearby.


If you run a restaurant, you must maintain and clean the exhaust system. A restaurant owner risks a life of building claims ban and insurance and serious litigation and liability for fire accidents due to ineffective kitchen exhaust systems.


1. Hire an approved cleaning agency


Some companies promote themselves as qualified companies but have few specialized tools, experience, and equipment. In the event of a fire in the cooking station under the exhaust duct covered with grease, the ductwork system acts as a ceiling fuse. 


Even servicing this type of system can be highly lethal. Therefore, while hiring, you should carefully check whether the cleaning company is a not-for-profit and reputable agency. Certified companies provide high-quality kitchen steam cleaning services and use the highest possible standards, but profit agencies do not.


2. Fully clean the exhaust system


For some restaurants and cleaning companies, just cleaning isn’t enough. If the exhaust system is not cleaned well, any greasy residue still poses a risk that can quickly spread a fire in kitchen appliances to the roof.


3. Look for experienced cleaners and check references


To protect employees and customers, the restaurant owner must avoid code violations and catastrophic losses resulting from a dangerous building fire. You must prevent travel agencies without a proven track record of cleaning kitchen exhaust systems. As you know, success leaves a long track record, so it’s best to work with professional cleaning agencies that have specialized in cleaning kitchen exhausts and satisfying restaurant owners for decades.


A few specialists will also provide a free initial inspection of the restaurant’s exhaust and hood system. They investigate violations and shortcomings and provide a report that identifies areas of concern, along with practical solutions.

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